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Get Rid of Your Double Chin For Good


A combination procedure can help you say goodbye to your double chin forever.

Having excess fat under the chin is a common problem, and those who have one want it gone. Unfortunately, there isn't any exercise or diet that can help you lose weight or spot reduce fat from anywhere, and the chin is known for being especially difficult. If you have a small chin, that can be a part of the problem too, as Dr. Christine Petti discusses today on The Doctors.

Dr. Petti's patient suffers from microgenia, or a small chin, and has excess fat in the area as well. As Dr. Petti explains, simply removing the fat isn't enough without enough volume in the chin to correct the deficiency. She uses a combination of procedures to correct the patient's concerns.

First Dr. Petti places a chin implant which fits directly over the chin bone. The incision is made inside lower lip and then three layers of sutures are needed. Next, the laser lipo technology SmartLipo is utilized to remove the excess fat and to tighten the skin under the neck for a smoother contour. Finally, the doctor performs some fractional resurfacing which evens out skin tone and can often be used to tighten skin further.

chin augmentation before and after
Photo courtesy of thedoctorstv.com