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Beauty Tech Review: Laser Lipo Devices - SlimLipo


American Health and Beauty Editor, Keith Veseleny, recently spoke with top laser lipo surgeons about the many various laser body sculpting technologies now available. We've gathered our information and are excited to share with the world the results of our laser lipo review.

SlimLipo is a laser lipo technology from Palomar. It is very different from traditional lipo procedures as it makes use of a precisely calibrated laser to melt the fat before it is removed via suction. We spoke to Dr. Michael Will of Will Surgical Arts in Urbana, MD, a laser lipo surgeon near Washington DC regarding his experience with this machine.

Dr. Will uses the machine in his office regularly and has extensive experience with lipolysis procedures. He says that while his office does still provide traditional liposuction, "There are a number of patients that prefer a rapid recovery, less bruising, have less downtime, and need to re-energize their physique. SlimLipo provides that." The procedure is easier on the body as it requires less stress on the tissues, and "allows for body contouring... with less surface and contour irregularities."
Before and After Photos of SlimLipo for Stomach
Actual SlimLipo results of Dr. Michael Will

Unlike traditional liposuction surgeries, "SlimLipo works well on very delicate skin areas with contour requirements such as superficial work without surface irregularity as well as retreatment areas that require aggressive treatment due to previous fibrosis from things like male gynecomastia." Dr. Will also says, "I have not found an area where there is a poor application for SlimLipo." He points out that it is important to bear in mind that SlimLipo is a part of the lipolysis procedure. "Once we melt and laser the fat, we still have to aspirate and remove it but we like to do so in a less traumatic fashion."

One of the key advantages of laser lipo technology is that it not only removes the excess fat in a given area, but also tightens the skin. Dr. Will says, "skin contraction is improved and maximized with the use of laser energy in conjunction with the fat removal. This is why he likes to use SlimLipo specifically on the neck and lower face area.

How much does SlimLipo cost? Somewhere between about $2000-$5000, not including additional fees such as the anesthesiologist and surgery center fees.
Dr. Michael Will
Dr. Will says SlimLipo takes a bit longer in the operating room, therefore those with a higher volume of fat to be removed may be better off with a different treatment. The necessary time under anesthesia takes a toll on the body, so those with more fat to be removed would be better off with another faster treatment. However, after the aspiration, Dr. Will says "I frequently will run the SlimLipo probe to provide some additional skin contracture."

Dr.Will is a cosmetic and oral and maxiilofacial surgeon who is board certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He has authored numerous textbook chapters and scientific articles, and is a recognized national lecturer in Oral and Maxillofacial and Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Will is on the medical staff at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, the Montgomery Surgery Center and Frederick Memorial Hospital.

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This segment is part of a Laser Lipo Round Table. American Health and Beauty is highlighting these technologies and the physicians who perform laser lipo surgeries. Check back each day to learn more about what each technology has to offer.

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