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What a Colombian Hi-Def Butt Lift Can Do for You?


A Hi-Def Butt Lift can help you achieve the rear end of your dreams.

For many, a flat butt is a boring butt. With celebrities like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez setting the standard for a beautiful backside these days, it's no wonder women are turning to butt lifting procedures to round out and lift up their derriere.

colombian hi-def butt lift before and after

Featured on "The Doctors," the Colombian Hi-Def Butt Lift procedure actually takes unwanted fat and moves it where you want it to go, your backside. Using the revolutionary Vaser lipolysis device, Dr. David Broadway performs a Hi-Def Butt Lift by making a small incision in the area from which the fat is to be removed and inserting a small cannula. Using ultrasonic waves, the fat is broken up from the connective tissues and then suctioned out. The beauty of Vaser is that the fat can be preserved and reused for fat transfer, all in one session, without needing general anesthesia.

For the butt-lift, the physician then injects the fat that was removed into the buttocks, filling them out for a more appealing contour. The fat is injected not only into the fatty layer but into the muscle as well. Fat removed with Vaser can also be used to pump up the breasts. Recovery time is short and the results are a more sculpted backside.

The Colombian Butt Lift provides beautiful results but those who are looking for an even more significant change may prefer butt implants. Dr. Drew Ordon writes in his blog that he prefers the implant because of their reliable and dramatic results.