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Replacing lost hair by using modern transplant technology can restore your head of hair to its original state.

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If you have lost hair due to genetics, or through trauma and still have healthy hair growing on the back and sides of your head, you are a good candidate for hair replacement. Having a hair transplant can change your whole life and greatly affect your self-confidence in a positive manner. You must also be realistic about what kind of results you expect and discuss those expectations with your surgeon.

Hair replacement surgery involves removing healthy hair from its current location and moving it to the empty places. Grafts are taken from the growth and transplanted to the desired location. Moving the hair does not affect its ability to continue growing. A good hair transplant surgeon can create a totally natural appearance by using single hair, micro, and mini grafting. The finest and softest appearance is usually achieved by using the single hair graft. Micrografts are made up of 2-3 hairs, and minigrafts use 4 or more hairs. All three types of graft used together make up the new texture of the hair. Be aware that factors such as hair color and texture can also affect the final aesthetic results.

Side effects of hair transplant surgery are fairly minor but often involve mild pain and swelling and/or scabbing over the grafts. Over time and with age, more procedures may be required since baldness is progressive.

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