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Bald is Beautiful When Its a Choice... Know Your Hair Transplant Options!


There are many solutions for thinning hair. Talk to a doctor who offers many different forms of hair restoration to see what options are available to you

Hair loss affects millions of people, both men and women, in the United States alone. Instead of accepting the loss of your hair-whether it be balding or thinning hair, sparse eyebrows-fight it with NeoGraft, a procedure that extracts your own healthy hair follicles and implants them in thinning spots for both natural looking and feeling results. Dr. Paul McAndrews, featured on The Doctors TV, shows how he dramatically helped his patient Dave increase his hairline and explains how the process of NeoGraft works to give his patient, Dave, a full head of hair again.

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FUE could help with hair loss

Lucky for patients with thinning hair, follicular extraction procedures have come a long way-the option is no longer live with your baldness or have obvious transplants. NeoGrafting, the popular name for Follicular Unit Extraction (or FUE), works to efficiently produce results by a simple 4 step process, McAndrew states:

First, take the tissue out of the donor site; often located at the back of the head, there are healthy, good genetic hair follicles that are prime for the job of the transplant. Although NeoGrafting is much less invasive than previous hair grafting techniques in that it doesn't use a scalpel, it is technically a surgical technique. Groupings of 1-3, sometimes 4 follicles are extracted then sent to be prepared for the implanting. Previous grafting techniques left patients with visible scars where the hair had been taken from but Dr. McAndrews reassures that by using the trichophytic closure method, scarring will be minimized and the hair will grow through any scarring, ensuring a natural-looking result.

After the second step, the preparation of the follicle in a lab, has occurred the doctor will begin his third step of making the multiple small incisions where they will place the implant. The minimally invasive aspect of NeoGrafting allows a much faster speed and larger coverage area to be attained, effectively producing more hair faster than ever before. Finally, the hair follicles are placed and the process of new growth begins.

Aside from the obvious positive factors like natural hair regrowth, patients can look forward to a few other factors as well: quick recovery time, returning to work in 1-2 days; much less discomfort than prior procedures, with the use of only local anesthesia; significant hair regrowth in as little as four months and full hair regrowth in nine to twelve months and last but not least, lower cost than previous methods with better faster results. Both men and women are candidates for this procedure but, as always, it is important to discuss with your doctor to ensure it is the right procedure for you. .