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New Cutting Edge Technology for Hair Transplant Using a Robot

New Cutting Edge Technology for Hair Transplant Using a RobotMillions of people suffer with hair loss but now thereís a new cutting edge technology for hair transplants. Itís the new high tech way to do hair transplants with a robot.

Artas is a 3-D microscopic camera which feeds images into a computer that analyzes and maps.

It removes hairs on the back of the head with delicate precision. Then theyíre individually transplanted by Dr. Thomas Griffin at his Philadelphia center, Griffin Hair Restoration. He says, ďThe robot gives the advantage of very accurately extracting those follicles and therefore providing for the best possible final result.Ē He also says with traditional hair transplants thereís scaring and the follicles are often damaged but Artas eliminates that. ďIt is the newest and greatest,Ē according to Dr. Griffin.

Dr. Griffin says, ďItís done with local anesthesia. I wonít say itís painless, but itís well tolerated.Ē The procedure takes most of the day and thereís a week long recovery. It will take about a year for patients to see the new hairline.

Dr. Griffin is now adding a therapy to the transplants. Itís P.R.P. plasma rich platelets, where a few vials of blood are taken from the patient and separated in the centrifuge then the platelets are injected into the scalp. The plasma therapy can be used alone to stimulate hair growth or in combination with the robotic transplant.

Artas hair transplants can cost up to $10,000 and itís not covered by insurance. The robotic hair transplant is currently only being done on men, but it could be expanded to women.