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Beard Transplants Revolutionized by Robotic Hair Transplant


Nashville doctors are now using robotic medical technology for performing beard transplants without a linear scar

PAI Medical Group Nashville is a leading national hair transplant clinic which has set the standard for hair restoration solutions. They were the first hair surgery center in Tennessee to incorporate ARTAS Robotic technology in their practice in early 2014. Now they have expanded that medical technology to include a solution for the beard transplant.

Beard Transplant
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"PAI has offered beard transplants for years," said Michael Ramsey, Clinic Director at PAI Nashville. "However in order to keep up with the latest hair trends, it has become important to provide a scarless solution for patients who wish to not only have a thicker, fuller beard but also sport a very short hair style such as the popular faux hawk worn by well known celebrities such as Sam Hunt or David Beckham."

The ARTAS is the perfect solution for many patient's hair loss problems. In recent years, robotic technology has been used in many complex medical procedures such as heart transplants. Now it can be used to harvest healthy hairs with precision while virtually eliminating fatigue and human error for doctors and staff. Dr. Chris Pawlinga, the surgeon to perform PAI Nashville's first beard transplant using the ARTAS said, "The typical beard restoration might require up to 1500 grafts in a single transplant depending on the hair loss in the patient's beard. The transplanted hair is not only the patient's very own hair, but it is also genetically pre-programmed to last a lifetime."

This is a minimally invasive technique, therefore, there are no stitches or unsightly linear scars from beneath the hair in the donor area, and the recovery time is quick. Once the patient has received a robotic beard transplant, the whole procedure is completely undetectable after just 2 weeks. Permanent results can be seen as early as 4 months depending on the patient.

Michael Ramsey explained, "PAI listens to their patients. It is PAI's goal to provide the best solutions available in today's market in order to meet the wide variety of preferences and needs."