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Tune in tonight to see Dr. Steven Victor on Fox 10pm News on Laser Assisted Lipo


New York Fox 5 News filmed a segment on Dr. Steven Victor and the latest technology in laser assisted fat reduction and skin tightening - LipoTherme

Noted New York physician, Dr. Steven Victor, has an A-list clientele and is the first US physician to use the device. Dr. Victor states: "I've been doing laser assisted lipolysis procedures for years using a competitive laser and I am truly amazed at the performance and results of MedSurge's device. Its adjustable and increased power allows me to perform procedures faster and its thicker fiber prevents downtime during procedures. Hands down, this is the best laser lipo device currently on the market. We see better results and have happier patients."

Laser assisted lipolysis is a minimally-invasive procedure wherein a patented cannula is inserted into the fat followed by the firing of a controlled laser which emulsifies adipocytes (fat cells). Significant reductions in targeted areas of the body are immediately evident. Additionally, heat generated by the procedure results in noticeable skin contraction. The procedure is ideal for treating the face, chin, back, abdomen, arms, inner thighs and upper knees.

For more information watch the segment on Fox 5 News at 10pm tonight May 27, 2008.