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Tummy Tucks vs Laser Lipo


Patients looking to jumpstart a weight loss program or to tighten some excess skin and remove some fat may have found a minimally invasive solution.

After weight loss or pregnancy, many men and women find they have an extra bulge around the middle that they cannot get rid of, no matter how much they diet and exercise. Many need a little inspiration to start their exercise, diet and all around lifestyle change. Tummy tuck was the only option for years past, but now, some physicians are using laser lipo where they would previously have performed a mini tummy tuck.

Before and After Photos of SlimLipo for Stomach
Actual SlimLipo results of Dr. Michael Will

Dr. Michael Will of Will Surgical Arts in Urbana, MD, a laser lipo surgeon near Washington DC also has seen fantastic results, which look almost like a tummy tuck or combination procedure. He doesn't advocate using laser lipo for large volume removal, but he is able to achieve tummy tuck-like results.

Ann Arbor SmartLipo Surgeon, Dr. Robert Burke of the Michigan Center for Cosmetic Surgery uses SmartLipo laser lipo technology to be the impetus for a lifestyle change. He performs about 100 SmartLipo procedures per month, and Dr. Burke says, "it's a team effort on the part of the patient. I have to have somebody that's well motivated, that wants to take good care of themselves, and watch their diet, get the exercise, and do the things that they need to do."

Dr. Burke says he has patients who are coming to him and using SmartLipo as a part of their diet regimen. These patients have explored the option of using SmartLipo vs gastric bypass and want to avoid the risks. The laser lipo procedure first is a motivator but it can also change their metabolism. Patients are able to return to work after just a couple of days, even with a large volume reduction, while if they'd had bariatric surgery, they could expect to be out of work for a month. "I've got my own 'Biggest Loser' with one patient who's lost 90 lbs."

tummy tuck alternative
Tummy Tuck Alternative, SmartLipo Results of Dr. Robert Burke

Dr. Dwight Reynolds, a cosmetic surgeon in Ft. Lauderdale, FL has been performing liposuction procedures for 17 years and is familiar with multiple lipolysis methods. He likes using LipoTherme for the benefits it offers his practice and his patients. He has found LipoTherme useful in removing large volumes of fat and tightening the skin so that patients have no need for multiple surgeries. Further, he uses laser lipo as the start of a weight loss program and lifestyle change.

He says that if you're able to bring a woman who wears a size 28 down to a size 18, that woman will begin to be more sociable and begin to feel better about herself, jump starting her weight loss program. Dr. Reynolds says, "it's not the treatment of choice for obesity... but if we're able to get them down 10 dress sizes in just a couple of months, those patients become more sociable, they want to go out, they want to exercise, and they want to eat properly." A healthy diet and exercise regimen is necessary to complete any weight loss program, but a little nudge in the right direction can help.

It is important to know that the laser lipo solution is not right for everyone. Some simply do not have enough elasticity left in their skin to effectively contract, even after laser treatment. Others simply have too much skin and it will need to be removed via tummy tuck. Discuss your options and goals with your physician to work towards the best treatment course for your needs.
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Actual LipoTherme results of Dr. Dwight Reynolds