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Get Rid Of A Double Chin With Little Downtime


Getting rid of a double chin and being back at work in a few days, sometimes just over the weekend, with less scarring is now possible.

Contrary to popular belief, not only over weight people have double chins, this condition can manifest on normal sized people, creating the illusion of being overweight. Another example is a weak neck that lacks definition between the neck and jawline - without the clear division, a patient can look overweight without actually being so. In some cases, genetics play a large part in the lack of definition in the chin, neck and jawline and can now be corrected with minimally invasive procedures, offering a contoured neckline without the use of a surgical neck lift.

smartlipo double chin results
Actual Neck Shrink Lift Results by Dr. Thomas Barnes

Newport Beach cosmetic surgeon and expert in neck sculpting Dr. Thomas Barnes, has performed many awake Neck Shrink Lifts using the Smartlipo device to contour the delicate area around the neck to remove excess fat. Using Dr. Barnes' own uniquely developed technique with numbing medicine, the procedure can be performed within 30 minutes and Dr. Barnes often performs the Neck Shrink Lift as a lunchtime procedure.

"In cosmetic surgery, the ongoing trend has been to get bigger results with smaller and less invasive procedures," describes Dr. Barnes who has been on The Doctors and several national television shows demonstrating this particular procedure, "Which is why I developed my Neck Shrink Lift procedure to give patients exactly what they want: a big result for their money with less downtime and less discomfort." Dr. Barne's Neck Shrink Lift is performed with local anesthesia and results are immediate.

dr barnes neck shrink lift before after
Actual Neck Shrink Lift Before and After Results by Dr. Thomas Barnes

"Going under the knife is not the first choice any more," according to Dr. Barnes. "Due to technological breakthroughs, there are so many options to help people take years off their appearance without undergoing large surgeries. And the best part is we can perform these procedures that yield dramatic results without the risks of anesthesia."

Dr. Barnes' patients can now look and feel younger with a short, minimally invasive procedure that requires only a few days of downtime compared to a traditional neck lift, which requires up to 6 weeks to fully recover. "Using SmartLipo laser liposuction, I can remove a little fat and actually help heat the tissue so it shrinks down," says Dr. Barnes, "In just a few days, patients return to their normal activities looking 10 years younger and without a double chin."

30 minute neck lift results
Actual Before and After Results of Neck Shrink Lift by Dr. Thomas Barnes

Another benefit of the Neck Shrink Lift is since the procedure is performed with the Smartlipo device, scarring is minimized. Smartlipo uses smaller cannulas and laser technology to liquify the fat in the neck area. The ruptured fat cells are then aspirated through the same incision that the original cannula was inserted so scarring is minimal. Unlike scars from a neck lift, which may take anywhere from 6 weeks to 2 years to completely fade, the smaller incision (a few millimeters) from the Neck Shrink Lift is less noticeable.

"The great thing about the Neck Shrink Lift is anyone who has a full chin from either their parents or sagging of the jowls due to aging, they're going to love this procedure," states Dr. Barnes. According to Dr. Barnes, many of his patients that look as if they have undergone a traditional facelift or neck lift after this much less invasive procedure which he has developed. Dr. Barnes says, "People come from all over the US and even other countries when they see the results I can give them."