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Lunchtime Lipo Now Available with the Tummy ShrinkLift


People who want spotty fat removed have been at the mercy of lengthy, costly procedures for years. With the Tummy Shrink Lift, patients can get in and out in under an hour.

See the Tummy ShrinkLift on Fox LA Today

tummy shrink lift
Actual results of Dr. Thomas Barnes Tummy Shrink Lift in Less Than 1 Hour

A Tummy ShrinkLift(TM) is a procedure using liposculpture combined with skin treatment to lift up the post-baby pooch we moms know so well. Developed by Dr. Thomas Barnes, a cosmetic surgeon in Newport Beach, CA, this minimally invasive procedure may be the solution to your lower belly fat. Dr. Barnes will discuss this procedure with the cast of LA Today in Los Angeles on Monday morning February 22, 2010.

Like the Neck ShrinkLift which was aired on FOX Good Day LA a few weeks ago, the Tummy Shrink Lift is an AWAKE procedure that is minimally invasive - there is tumescence fluid put in the area first, then some liposculpture to release the tissue, then SmartLipo laser for specific heating and to complete the procedure, the Refirme light/RF device on the surface of the skin for additional heating of the skin. The double source of skin heating helps in two ways - This creates improved contours, more skin tightening and much less swelling, discomfort and downtime - which is what everyone wants today....Most people are working in a day or two and can return to regular activities in that time, too. Dr. Barnes says his same ShrinkLift approach can be used to contour inner knees, thighs, necks, lower faces, love handles, bra-lines, waists, mid-backs as well. Each of these are done AWAKE as well with little or no discomfort..."Some patients try one area, then return later to do another one or two areas. They love the AWAKE approach and get back to regular activities asap! Getting something done like this without downtime issues and avoiding IV sedation and general anesthesia attracts many of our patients."

Dr. Thomas Barnes
Dr. Barnes has been perfecting his "ShrinkLift" over the past several years and the procedure can be used on many other body areas. "Without major surgery and without anesthesia," Dr. Barnes says, "Virtually any area of the body can be rejuvenated in the same way."

See Dr. Thomas Barnes, who has appeared on many national TV and local Los Angeles shows, on Good Day LA at 8:30 AM, Pacific Standard Time, perform his Neck "ShrinkLift." All phases of the procedure will be presented and the immediate results will be seen right after the procedure is completed.