A Neck Lift Without the Scalpel - Lose 10 Years Without Going Under


Dr. Thomas Barnes appears live on Good Day LA with his Neck Shrink Lift procedure to demonstrate how it can be done

Dr. Thomas Barnes, a pioneer in cosmetic procedures specifically designed to give people fast results with little or no downtime, will be performing his Neck Shrink Lift procedure live on Good Day LA via satellite this Monday beginning at 8:30am, PST.

Actual Photos of Shrink Neck Lift by Dr. Thomas Barnes
Dr. Thomas Barnes' Neck ShrinkLift
"Going under the knife is not the first choice any more," according to Dr. Barnes. "Due to technological breakthroughs, there are so many options to help people take years off their appearance without undergoing large surgeries. And the best part is we can perform these procedures that yield dramatic results without the risks of anesthesia."

Live on Good Day LA today, Dr. Barnes will be demonstrating his own approach to tightening an aging, sagging, full neck or chin, called the "Neck ShrinkLift." The procedure can be completed in approximately half an hour with little or no downtime and for a price most people can deal with in these times.

After numbing the neck area, Dr. Barnes will perform his latest technique to decrease the fat under the skin. In addition, he will use the SmartLipo laser and Low Level Laser for its healing benefits. This approach is virtually painless and most patients look years younger with a much improved neck and lower face.
Dr. Thomas Barnes
Dr. Barnes has been perfecting his "ShrinkLift" over the past several years and the procedure can be used on many other body areas. "Without major surgery and without anesthesia," Dr. Barnes says, "Virtually any area of the body can be rejuvenated in the same way."

See Dr. Thomas Barnes, who has appeared on many national TV and local Los Angeles shows, on Good Day LA at 8:30 AM, Pacific Standard Time, perform his Neck "ShrinkLift." All phases of the procedure will be presented and the immediate results will be seen right after the procedure is completed.

Dr. Thomas Barnes can be contacted for more information through his website at www.lunchtimemakeovers.com or contact him here. His office is located in Newport Beach, CA. Office phone: 949 719 9700 for inquiries and consultations.