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Get A Neck Lift in Just 30 Minutes with SmartLipo


Patients can have a neck lift while awake and be back to work and regular activities faster than ever before.

The collagen depletion and weight gain common with aging often lead to the development of loose skin in the neck area. Many call this a turkey neck, and those who have it want to be rid of it. A simple laser lipo procedure may be the solution if you want to say goodbye to the gobbler.

Dr. Thomas Barnes, a SmartLipo surgeon in Newport Beach, CA has developed a quick procedure to correct turkey neck in a lunch hour. "The Lunchtime Neck Lift is a non-surgical way that I can remove that bulky fat in the neck area that makes patients look older, sadder or tired," he says.

During the procedure, the patient can remain awake, as only local anesthesia is needed for numbing. "Using SmartLipo laser liposuction, I can remove a little fat and actually help heat the tissue so it shrinks down," says Dr. Barnes. He says that patients heal fast, and most are able to return to work the next day. "In just a few days, patients can be back on the beach or skiing or doing whatever looking 10 years younger."

neck lift before and after
Actual Results of Neck Lift by Dr. Thomas Barnes