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Liposuction Is The Top Surgical Procedure in 2011


The Best Surgical Procedure in 2011 as voted by the American Health and Beauty Readers' Choice was liposuction, the ever popular body contouring procedure.

Although non-invasive devices and procedures are on the rise, surgical procedures continue to get the most dramatic and transformative results. The top surgical procedure, as voted by the 2011 Readers' Choice Awards from American Health and Beauty was the popular body contouring procedure liposuction.

top 2011 surgical procedure liposuction
As obesity rates continue to climb and Americans steadily gain more weight, it is no surprise that the most popular surgical procedure researched on American Health and Beauty is liposuction. However, as new non-invasive technology have been giving surgical procedures a run for their money, new advances are also transforming the traditional liposuction procedure. Offering patients less invasive options, new liposuction technology may result in less downtime and less cost as some of these new body contouring devices may be performed on an outpatient basis and may not require general anesthesia.

Dr. Mark Schusterman Liposuction Results Before and After
Actual Results of Dr. Mark Schusterman, The Museum District Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Developed in the mid 70s, traditional liposuction typically involves using mechanical energy from the physician to manually break up fat, which is then suctioned out. While the introduction of tumescent fluid, a mixture of pain killer, adrenaline, and saline solution has improved traditional liposuction, new technology has improved the technique, maintaining the integrity of fat cells which can then be used in another increasingly popular procedure: fat transfers.

New liposuction technology utilizes different modes of energy to remove fat. While traditional liposuction uses mechanical energy, which is dependent on the physician's force and energy, new devices are based on energy such as ultrasound, laser or even water. These new devices may offer physicians a more efficient way to remove fat and potentially use it for another procedure while offering patients a better recovery and sculpted result.

neck lift before and after
Actual Results of Neck Lift by Dr. Thomas Barnes

Traditional liposuction may be used to de-bulk and remove fat but newer devices may be used to sculpt and refine. It is no longer entirely about fat reduction but truly about contouring the body. In many instances, new liposuction technology can yield results similar to surgical procedures such as neck lifts, arm lifts, or tummy tucks. These devices can address fat in these delicate areas since they do not damage surrounding tissue.

Top new liposuction technology include:
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vaser before and after
Actual Results of Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction by Dr. David Broadway

While liposuction is still not recommended as a weight loss strategy, as technology has improved, more fat and volume may be removed from larger patients. Another benefit to more refined liposuction technology is as fat is being removed, there is less damage to surrounding tissue resulting in less bleeding, bruising, swelling and less downtime.

2011 ahb readers choice awards

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