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The Cellulite Erase System: Treating True Cellulite For Good?


The Cellulite Erase System, a combination of treatments to greatly reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Memorial Day is right around the corner and that means summer is not far behind. This year, don't be afraid of swimsuit season because of cellulite. The unfortunate "cottage cheese" effect of cellulite is felt by millions of women - even the thinnest woman can have cellulite. While there is no "cure" for cellulite, technological advances that help reduce the appearance of cellulite makes it much easier to bear.

cellulite erase system
Actual Before and After Photos of The Cellulite Erase System

"'Cellulite' or 'Cottage Cheese Thighs'" have been the plague of many women for years," said Dr. August Accetta, of the Accetta Institute of Cosmetic Surgery in Huntington Beach. "For decades, lotions and potions, creams and even surgery have failed to remove cellulite. Most treatments have proven unsuccessful." The fight against cellulite is a $12 million industry - from lotions to procedures.

According to Dr. Accetta, the "Cellulite Erase System" uses liposculpture followed breaking down the subdermal fibrous tissue bands or the "connective tissue" that creates that dimpling effect found in cellulite. Dr. Accetta says over 90% of cellulite is due to subdermal fibrous bands which "tug" under the skin, creating the dimpling on the surface of the skin.

Dr. Accetta disconnects the fibrous bands but just as important, he re-inserts small amounts of the patient's own natural fat (taken from the liposculpture) under each band to prohibit any future reconnection to the tissue. The fat acts as a block between the clipped fibrous band and the tissue, negating future bouts of dimpling or cellulite.

In Dr. Accetta's experience, Thermage, radiofrequency, creams, ointments, lotions, and even Endermologie has produced a "smoothing" out effect but most of the treatments have proven overall unsuccessful. Dr. Accetta says this eventual failure is due to the longstanding myth that cellulite is a difficult layer of fat, when in fact, the term cellulite refers to normal fat deposits interlaced with fibrous tissue bands that give cellulite the dimpled appearance.

Studies say 9 out of 10 women have cellulite and even some men report having cellulite due to genetic predisposition, hormonal changes and weight gain. Dr. Accetta says, "Our Cellulite Erase System has proven results and, because we are treating the 'true' cellulite, you won't see a return of any dimpling. Patients can just say hello to smoother, tightened skin."