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Exilis Reviews: Who Is The Ideal Patient?


Roundtable Part II: The second installation in the Exilis Roundtable, leaders in the cosmetic industry review the Exilis - who is and who isn't the ideal patient to undergo this new radio frequency based procedure.

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After Today Show's Kathy Lee Gifford underwent the Exilis procedure for her "meno-pot" and national exposure on hit show The View, it's no wonder that everyone wants to know about the Exilis. In the previous installment of our Exilis Roundtable, we spoke about what the Exilis treated and the technology that makes it successful . This installment of the Exilis Roundtable continues the conversation with 5 leading board certified plastic surgeons, dermatologists and physicians to get their reviews on the Exilis machine and who may or may not be ideal patients:

Who is an ideal candidate for Exilis?

Dr. Mitchel Goldman: We've found that ideal candidates are patients that have had liposuction or liposculpture and need a little more tightening. Essentially, they've already had the fat removed but now they need some skin tightening in those areas. Another ideal patient would be a younger patient who has perhaps had a pregnancy or two but doesn't need an abdominoplasty yet. They just need a little tightening in the abdomen area.

Dr. Grant Stevens: Most of us are ideal candidates. Those of us who just have a bit of extra skin or moderate to mild extra fat, who cannot have surgery due to their schedules or even because of medical contraindications would be good candidates for Exilis.

Dr. Robert Weiss: For the face, the ideal candidate is someone who has jowls are starting to sag on the lower part of the face. Typically this happens in patients who are in their 40s or 50s. Exilis is also ideal for patients who just want a little bit of tightening and elevation. For patients that have loose saggy skin and a little fat on the arms, it will help tighten that area - we've seen some reduction in the circumference of the arms so they're an ideal candidate.
before after photos exilis dr robert weiss
Actual Before and After Exilis Results of Dr. Robert Weiss
Treatment: Jowl, Neck, Chin - After 4 Treatments

Dr. Jeanine Downie: For the majority of patients, I tell them the Exilis is ideal on small pockets of fat. Many people just have a ridge of fat above their knee or their inner thigh and they don't look as well as they used to in jeans but the Exilis may help them. The most important thing is managing expectations. Even people who are easily 100 pounds overweight may want really small pockets of fat removed but if the patients feels like the procedure has tightened up her arms, she'll feel better about herself and will want to keep losing more weight.

Dr. Mary Lupo: The ideal candidate is also someone who number one understands the limitations of non-invasive technology. Also patients in their early 40s who have skin laxity which isn't so severe that it's worth the surgical risk of a full facelift. Another subgroup that I've treated are women in the their late 60s and early 70s and they also been very pleased with the Exilis treatments. Patients who have an underlying heart disease or a medical condition where anesthesia is a risk, so that surgery is not an option are also a good candidate. For the body contouring aspect, an ideal patient is someone who is withing 5-10 pounds of their ideal body weight but has pockets or areas where they have fat they would like to spot reduce.
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Actual Exilis Before and After Photos of Dr. Mary Lupo

Is there anyone who is NOT an ideal candidate for Exilis?

Dr. Stevens: A morbidly obese person would not be suitable for the Exilis or a person with a lot of excess skin. Those are patients that would need surgeries to remove the weight and extra skin. Patients who expect dramatic results such as those from surgery are also not advised to undergo the Exilis.

Dr. Goldman: The least ideal candidate would be the person that's 100 pounds overweight. There's no way that the Exilis is going to be able to contract skin that much - skin that needs to literally be cut out during surgery.

Dr. Downie: Patients who have anything metal within them cannot undergo the Exilis procedure. No metal hips, catheters, pacemakers - absolutely nothing metal. Due to the radio frequency energy being utilized during the procedure, anything metal in the body could potentially harm the patient.

Dr. Lupo: Patients who are morbidly obese are not ideal patients for the Exilis for obvious reasons. When I do a consultation, we really speak to patients about the results that they will get with a device such as the Exilis vs. surgical counterparts. Exilis is not for patients who are seeking dramatic improvement such as a facelift, which offers 80-90% improvement in one treatment with longer lasting results.
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Actual Exilis Results
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