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Better, Faster and Safer Face and Body Rejuvenation with Exilis ELITE


A newer version of the very popular Exilis face & body rejuvenation system is being released this weekend which promises better, faster and safer results with fewer treatments

BTL Aesthetics is releasing a newer version of their very popular Exilis system this weekend at the American Academy of Dermatologists meeting in Miami, Florida. The new ELITE platform optimizes the dynamic monopolar radio frequency (RF) technology of the original Exilis system to deliver thermal energy producing measurable results after only two or three treatments.

The device has been re-engineered to provide uniform and precise distribution of heat to the entire treatment area while ELITE's advanced cooling allows for layering of RF energy at various depths.

The advanced ELITE Skin Treatment Platform is the newly re-engineered Energy Flow Control (EFC) system that enables uniform heating of the targeted tissue to further increase patient safety and assure predictable results. Another functional enhancement embedded in the ELITE systems is Impedance Intelligence, a breakthrough in hardware/software communication between changes in the skin and the delivery of thermal energy, commonly known as bio-electric skin effects.

"The new Exilis ELITE system takes the original RF device to the next level with better design, richer interface, increased safety, and greater clinical effectiveness,? said Dr. Robert Weiss, associate professor of dermatology, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. "We fully expect that our upcoming patient study will document that this powerful device can produce noticeable cosmetic improvements in as few as two 30 to 40 minute procedures."

Source: BTL Aesthetics