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Exilis: The Non-Invasive Skin-Firming Treatment


The Exilis uses radio frequency energy to heat the skin and get tightening and shrinkage.

Maybe you've seen the Exilis featured on a national TV show like The Doctors or The Today Show and you are interested in more information.

It is important to understand who the ideal patient is for a procedure like the Exilis. Someone who just has a bit of extra skin or moderate to mild extra fat, who cannot have surgery due to their schedules or even because of medical contraindications would be good candidates for Exilis. The patient needs to understand the limitations of non-invasive procedures.

Exilis for Tightening Flabby Tummy
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Dr. Grant Stevens, a plastic surgeon who offers Exilis in Los Angeles, "We've had Exilis for just about a year and we've used it for 2 principal things: fat reduction and skin tightening. Skin tightening has primarily been in the face, jowls, and neck. On the body, we've used it a bit on the arms, bra fat area or back. For fat reduction, we've used it in the arms, neck, tummy or abdomen, legs, muffin top area and in the male chest."

Dr. Stevens explains, "Exilis uses radio frequency (RF), which is essentially sound waves to treat the skin. The unique thing about Exilis, unlike other radio wave technologies, uses mono-polar radio frequency and it allows the radio frequency waves to go deeper and exert more energy to dissolve the fat cells."
exilis before and after
Actual Exilis Results
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There are a number of non-invasive skin tightening and fat reduction technologies available. Exilis is nice in that it's inexpensive, it's effective, it doesn't hurt and patients appreciate the fact that it's nearly painless, it feels like a warm massage. I'm very impressed with Exilis with it's capability to treat a wide range of patients. Everybody is looking for safe, effective, inexpensive non-surgical skin treatments and body contouring so this is where Exilis excels.

On the TV show "The Doctors", Dr. Ava Shamban explained that the cost for Exilis ranges from $800 to $1,500. Discuss with your provider how many treatments will be required and if the pricing is per treatment or per area.