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How To Get Rid of Bra Fat Without Surgery


The dreaded back fat that bulges around the bra is easily fixed, either by getting a better bra or through non-invasive procedures such as CoolSculpting by Zeltiq and Exilis.

It's bad enough that we obsess about what we see in front of the mirror but how about the back? For many of us, the bumpy back fat that seems to pop out whenever we put on a bra can be quite unattractive. Resistant to exercises and diet, spot fat on the back can be a nuisance, under the best of circumstances. Never fear! There are several options available that can help smooth things out and best of all, they're completely non-surgical.

coolsculpting zeltiq results
Actual CoolSculpting By Zeltiq Before & After Photos of Dr. Grant Stevens
Patient: 47 yo female, 2 Month Post-Treatment (4 cycles) to Bra Fat and Bra Handles

Recently seen on The Doctors, one of the main reasons that back fat bulges out around the bra, typically termed "bra fat," is the same reason why muffin tops happen. Similar to wearing jeans that are too tight, the spillage that occurs over the jeans is what is happening to your back fat with an ill-fitting bra. One of the easier options to correct the appearance of bra fat is to schedule a bra fitting. Having the right size bra can really help to smooth things out. Another option is changing the type of bra - style expert Susie Schwartz recommends the Bralelluja, which is from the creators of Spanx. The Bralelluja incorporates seamless bra technology with molded cups to add support in the front.

If changing the fit or type of bra is not helping, there are a few non-surgical procedures that may help the situation. According to Los Angeles board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens, "The Exilis uses radio frequency (RF), which is essentially sound waves to treat the skin. The unique thing about Exilis, unlike other radio wave technologies, it uses mono-polar radio frequency and it allows the radio frequency waves to go deeper and exert more energy to dissolve the fat cells." At Dr. Stevens' practice, Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, he has used the Exilis to successfully treat the bra fat area and back.
exilis before after results
Before and After Exilis Results of Dr. Grant Stevens

Ideal for treating smaller pockets of fat, Exilis may provide fat reduction and skin tightening resulting in a smoother back. "Most of us are ideal candidates," describes Dr. Stevens, "Those of us who just have a bit of extra skin or moderate to mild extra fat, who cannot have surgery due to our schedules or even because of medical contraindications would be good candidates for Exilis."

Several treatments are needed to get the best results. Dr. Stevens recommends 4-6 sessions spaced out over a few months. "Exilis is nice in that it's inexpensive, effective, it doesn't hurt, and patients appreciate the fact that it's nearly painless - it feels like a warm message," says Dr. Stevens.
zeltiq before after
Actual CoolSculpting By Zeltiq Results of Dr. Grant Stevens
Patient: 47 yo female, 2 Month Post-Treatment (4 cycles) to Bra Fat and Bra Handles

Another non-surgical procedure that treats back fat is CoolSculpting by Zeltiq. Recently FDA approved for non-invasive fat reduction, CoolSculpting uses cryolipolysis to freeze fat off. Spot fat is placed into the device and targeted cold therapy crystallizes fat cells which are destroyed and flushed out by the body through natural elimination processes.

Dr. Stevens, who offers both Exilis and CoolSculpting by Zeltiq at his practice in Marina Del Rey, says, "Zeltiq is coming out with larger applicators so the indications will expand." With larger hand pieces, bigger areas of spot fat may be treated in less time. As it stands, the current CoolSculpting handpiece may require several sessions to successfully treat a larger area such as the back.