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VASER Manufacturer to Co-Promote PureGraft Fat Processing System


As fat transfer procedures become more popular, manufacturers of the liposuction device Vaser are now working alongside makers of the fat processing system PureGraft.

vaser and puregraft
Cytori Therapeutics announced today that Sound Surgical Technologies (SST) will be working to co-promote the PureGraft fat processing system. SST manufactures the Vaser lipo device which uses ultrasound to break up fat before it is removed. The PureGraft system is used to process fat following removal so that it can be re-injected in fat transfer procedures.

Cytori says that they have made this move in order to expand their sales reach to more physicians who perform fat transfer with Vaser. The two companies worked together to optimize the Vaser settings for fat harvesting. This cooperation also aids in developing standardized procedures for fat removal and processing.

Fat transfer procedures have been gaining popularity as more patients seek a natural alternative to implants and fillers. Better removal and processing of fat have improved the procedure's results making it an ideal option for patients who want to remove fat from one area and transfer it to another.

The field of fat transfer is expected to continue evolving with new products and technologies. Cytori believes the next step is to enrich fat grafts with extracted stem cells for better integration following injection. Working with the already well-established Vaser brand should increase opportunities for both companies.