Beauty Buzz: Aesthetic Trends for January 31, 2011


This Monday morning on American Health and Beauty, find out about a new neck lift procedure that's done in only 30 minutes. Also today, the potential dangers of traveling abroad for cosmetic surgery and ways to maximize your weight loss by watching the clock.

3 Tips to get Sexy Arms
These fitness moves may help you get sexy arms, but they're no joke. You'll have to work for this one.

Surprise surprise! Girls have biceps? Yes, actually - everyone does. If you want to know how to create a balanced, appealing set of arms that will look good in a tank top. These tried and true moves will have all your friends envying your sleek and toned arms.... more

Get Rid of Glasses and See Better Everyday with LASIK
A blade free LASIK procedure helps many patients see better, and is safer than ever.

LASIK eye surgery offers a way to repair eyesight and spare the need for glasses or contacts ever again. The procedure is always evolving and there is now available a bladeless LASIK... more

Weight Loss Tips - 4 Numbers You Should Know
Finding out your weight is only one of the key numbers you should know when you decide to start getting healthy.

If being healthy is one of your goals this year, it's a good idea to know your numbers to identify where you're coming from. Having an accurate portrait of your health will help you better identify your goals and the best path to reach them. more

AACS Says Do Not Panic About Possible Rare Cancer Link
Alarms were raised recently when an FDA statement reported a potential link between breast implants and a rare form of cancer.

On Wednesday, January 26, the FDA issued a news release reporting a possible more

Friday Fact or Fiction: You Can't Eat Out on a Diet
Verdict: FICTION

Most of us eat out from time to time. This includes fit celebrities and fitness professionals. It absolutely can be done. There's good news and bad news. The good news is you can eat out at most restaurants, but you still can't eat fast food and you ... more

"The Doctors" Check in with 17 Day Diet Participants
Many are losing weight and getting rid of belly fat with the 17 Day Diet.

Earlier this year, fans of The Doctors were introduced to Dr. Mike Moreno's 17 Day Diet. The plan works on a 4 phase cycle. The first three - Accelerate, Activate ... more


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