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Get Rid of Glasses and See Better Everyday with LASIK


A blade free LASIK procedure helps many patients see better, and is safer than ever.

LASIK eye surgery offers a way to repair eyesight and spare the need for glasses or contacts ever again. The procedure is always evolving and there is now available a bladeless LASIK that removes the primary risk factor of the original surgery. The Advanced IntraLase Femtosecond Laser (iFS) is a way to correct your eyesight without a single cut with a blade. New highly accurate lasers are available to create the flap for LASIK correction that are even an added improvement over first models.

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Dr. Chis Cabler of the Laser Vision Center in Houston, Texas says, "The iFS Advanced Femtosecond Laser is the latest iteration of the IntraLase Femtosecond Laser. The major difference is that the newer version is purported to provide a more stable LASIK flap due to an inverted bevel side cut. Theoretically, this should keep the flap in place and avoid 'striae' or wrinkling." Dr. Cabler uses the original iFS laser and says, "both lasers are more accurate and safer than the mechanical microkeratomes we used to use."

Wearing contacts without properly caring for them can cause significant damage to the eyes such as infections which can lead to loss of sight. Many who wear glasses may find that they need stronger and stronger prescriptions every year, and the cost of replacement lenses and frames adds up fast.

Many people who may not have been candidates in the past are now able to have Lasik and can enjoy waking up every morning able to see. Still, it's not the proper procedure for some so talk to your regular eye doctor and find out if you are a candidate.