Beauty Buzz: Aesthetic Trends for the Week Ending January 7, 2010


The first week of 2011 included some very interesting health news. We made some predictions for this year and readers wanted to know how best to fulfill their resolutions. Minimal and non-invasive procedures continue to gain popularity and revised regulations open up weight loss surgery to more people.

Dr. Oz Premieres the Move it And Lose It 2011 Diet Plan
Find out about this customized, free diet plan designed to get you healthy this year.

Dr. Oz has teamed up with Nike and Sharecare to offer fans a free customized 11 week weight loss plan designed to help you lose weight and keep it off. As everyone looks to get healthier this year, the plan will provide weight loss tips and information so tha... more

Deepak Chopra's Tips to Fight Aging with Alternative Methods
The connection between the mind and the body can be rewired through to help reverse certain effects of the aging process.

Deepak Chopra is well known for his expertise on alternative medicines. Today on The Dr. Oz Show he shares his views on the mind-body connection as it relates to aging. He believes that through meditation, you can actually reverse some of the effects ... more

2010 American Health and Beauty Readers' Choice Awards
The best of the best: 2010 ended with the usual suspects at the top of the list with a few surprise popular procedures in our second annual American Health and Beauty Readers' Choice Awards. New categories added this year!

SmartLipo and Zeltiq topped the list of the procedures that AHB readers were most interested in. ... more

Smooth Tuck Procedure Revolutionizes the Tummy Tuck
The Smooth Tuck combines high volume liposuction and a tummy tuck in one procedure, answering the needs of many patients.

Most people are familiar with the tummy tuck procedure which is commonly performed to remove loose skin after weight loss. What is less commonly known are the specifics associated with this procedure. Tummy tuck is not meant for those who still have weigh... more

Health Changes in 2011
2011 is likely to bring big changes in health care and medicine, especially in how we look at nutrition and obesity.

Recent years have seen some huge changes in the medical and health industries. The obesity epidemic in America has become a strong concern and many predict that the coming year will bring an awakening in the public. According to weight loss su... more


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