Deepak Chopra's Tips to Fight Aging with Alternative Methods


The connection between the mind and the body can be rewired through to help reverse certain effects of the aging process.

Deepak Chopra is well known for his expertise on alternative medicines. Today on The Dr. Oz Show he shares his views on the mind-body connection as it relates to aging. He believes that through meditation, you can actually reverse some of the effects of aging.

anti aging secrets deepak chopra
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Chopra tells Dr. Oz that we have the power to turn on certain good genes and turn off bad genes through the way we interact with the world. He says with tools like exercise, getting good sleep and proper stress management, you can treat a host of common aging problems like cardiovascular diseases, inflammation and even certain kinds of cancer.

Stress management is critical in this process and Chopra recommends breathing for relaxation. He says to take 5-10 minutes every day to focus on breathing and demonstrates a method of breathing in through one nostril and out the other to help establish a balance between your parasympathetic nervous system and your sympathetic nervous system. He says that when the sympathetic nervous system dominates, it triggers the stress response so you should try to maintain a balance between the two.

There are also methods of diet which are important for keeping weight in balance and stress also. Chopra suggests foods that are as close to natural as possible and says to avoid processed or "dead" foods. Including anti-inflammatory foods like yellow and green vegetables as well as certain spices will help to keep you healthy.

Maintaining a proper balance in life is critical to the success of these programs. You shouldn't feel unsatisfied with your foods nor should you overeat. You shouldn't allow yourself to get too stressed or the hormones released when you feel stress can harm your body. Seek to maintain balance to not only help prevent certain effects of aging, but to reverse them as well.