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Laser Facelift - Tighten and Rejuvenate with Shorter Recovery


One of the biggest hurdles for patients who want to have a cosmetic procedure done is the recovery time. Medical lasers are making quick healing a reality.

Sun damage, age spots, wrinkles and sagging skin are all a standard part of the aging process. For years, women have turned to their cosmetic surgeons for a solution which involved a lot of time for healing and not always the greatest results. Now physicians who once only had an invasive surgical solution have the laser facelift option. This procedure combines lasers with the traditional facelift for a minimally invasive treatment.

Dr. Patrick McMenamin says his patients are asking more and more for minimally invasive procedures. He found that many patients have come to better understand the limits of what cosmetic surgery can do and they were willing to sacrifice more dramatic improvement for easier recovery. "Essentially all of our patients have gone back to work in a week. About half have gone back to work in three to three and a half days, and everybody is going to a social event within 6 days."

Actual Laser Facelift Results of Dr. Patrick McMenamin
Post Treatment: 4 Months

This fast recovery is thanks to the use of a laser. Just like the lasers used in liposuction procedures, Dr. McMenamin uses a fine laser to remove certain spots of fat in the face and neck when needed and is able to stimulate the growth of collagen from underneath the skin. Other current skin tightening treatments like Thermage and Velashape stimulate collagen from the outside.

He does caution that the amount of skin tightening that a patient can expect greatly depends on their age and level of skin laxity. "The better the tissue is, the more elasticity it has," says Dr. McMenamin, "the more success that patient will have." He also says that patients need to have an accurate understanding of how their goals can be met. "It really gets down to the patient's expectations. Elective cosmetic surgery is about informed consent and a realistic expectation."
Actual Laser Facelift Results of Dr. Patrick McMenamin
Post Treatment: 1 Year

Patients typically have sensation return to their face quickly and only wear the dressings for 1 day rather than 4 or 5. As with any surgery there is a risk of infection and bruising following the procedure and patients should expect some pain with their recovery.