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Plastic Surgery with No Knives No Scars on "Extra"


As shown on "Extra," the Stem Cell Lift from Dr. Nathan Newman provides the effect of a facelift without surgery.

Women who are looking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles but are afraid of the pain and recovery time associated with traditional facelift now have a new option - the Stem Cell Lift (TM).

Using your own fat removed via a mini lipo procedure, the fat is treated and the stem cells there are concentrated and re-introduced with the fat and then re-injected into the face. Dr. Nathan Newman of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery in Beverly Hills, CA is the only physician currently performing this procedure. He will be featured on Extra tonight, February 4, with a patient who's had the stem cell facelift done.

The procedure uses no scalpel so that there are no scars nor nerve damage and the results "look more natural than traditional facelift or other fat grafting procedures," says Dr. Newman. The patient is completely awake for the procedure, all that is needed is the injection of tumescent and local anesthesia. The fat is not removed via traditional liposuction machines, but rather by hand, allowing for greater preservation of the cells. According to Dr. Newman, 50%-80% of the fat is maintained, depending on the patients lifestyle. Occasionally, additional injections are needed after review at follow up visits, but most only need the one procedure. The patients not only have improved skin structure, but texture as well.

stem cell lift before and after photos
Actual results of Dr. Nathan Newman

The stem cells that are removed are pluripotent, meaning that they will grow become the adult cells that are around them. "Stem cells will revolutionize the industry. In 10 years, they will do for medicine what lasers have done," says Dr. Newman. Because of the adaptability of the cells, the transfer can be done on many areas of the body, such as the hands or for vaginal rejuvenation. The stem cells fully integrate themselves into the new area, developing their own blood vessels so they are maintained and do not die off as with the older methods of fat grafting. This is also why Dr. Newman introduces the stem cells back into the fat before injection, so they know what to become. "We can treat issues that traditional facelift cannot, such as the area under the eyes. For most patients, this is the only treatment they need, avoiding the need for additional blepharoplasty or other procedures."
stem cell lift on extra
Skin texture improvement with Stem Cell Lift

Patients are able to return to normal activities the following day. Swelling and bruising from the procedure typically fade after around 4-5 days, but may last up for about 2 weeks. This is still a much quicker recovery than traditional procedures and the result is permanent. The cost ranges between $5500-$9500, which is still a cost saver when compared to other treatments that require multiple surgeries. Also, avoiding general anesthesia greatly improves patient safety.

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