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Facial Rejuvenation Wins Best Overall Facial Makeover


Esteemed panel of judges award Dr. Peter Newen Best Overall Facial Makeover and the Best Overall Patient Enhancement Awards for his facial rejuvenation results at THE Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas.

One of the biggest shows in the aesthetic industry, THE Aesthetic Show took place at The ARIA Resort in Las Vegas, NV from June 2-5, 2011. Drawing in thousands across the country, industry leaders, physicians and clinicians met to discuss the newest technology and technique available today and that what may be coming soon.

dr. peter newen
Dr. Peter Newen awarded Best Overall Facial
Makeover and Best Overall Patient
Enhancement Awards at THE Aesthetic Show

New to the show this year, THE Aesthetic Awards was a black tie event to acknowledge and honor the best clinical outcomes in aesthetic medicine. Hosted by The Doctors Dr. Drew Ordon, the event was judged by a panel of renowned plastic surgeons, dermatologists and members of the media who cover aesthetics, including American Health and Beauty's Editor in Chief, Keith Veseleny.

This year's big winner was board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Newen of The Image Center in Huntington Beach, CA. Winner of both the Best Overall Facial Makeover and the Best Overall Patient Enhancement Awards, one of Dr. Newen's passions is the facelift. "Although I perform comprehensive aesthetic and reconstructive procedures, I have to say one of the procedures I personally enjoy performing is facelifts because it makes such a tremendous difference in my patients' lives," explains Dr. Newen, "The face is the first thing people see. A youthful and well-balanced face makes the greatest impact in first impressions: positively affecting their social and business lives and ultimately, contributing significantly to their self confidence."

The patient results Dr. Newen submitted which would win him the two awards were a combination of facial rejuvenation procedures that Dr. Newen customized specifically for his patient. The patient, a 60 year old woman, came in to see Dr. Newen to look more refreshed. "She felt that she looked tired and angry all the time, which didn't reflect the cheerful and energetic person that she was," says Dr. Newen.
facelift before and after
Actual Overall Facial Rejuvenation Results of Dr. Peter Newen
Procedures: Facelift, Browlift, Lower Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty, BOTOX, Radiesse

To help his patient look the way she felt inside, Dr. Newen performed the following procedures to rejuvenate her face:

Dr. Newen performs the forehead lift endoscopically to minimize scarring - the endoscopic lift allows him to visualize the patient's forehead anatomy through small incisions made in the hairline. Dr. Newen's technique for the facelift involves multiple layers in which muscles are tightened, excess fat is removed or repositioned and then the epidermis is tightened. "I am moderately aggressive with the degree of tightening I perform for my patients because I want my patients to have results that are long lasting yet natural," says Dr. Newen, "I customize my techniques and the technology I use for each patient to give each individual the best and most natural results possible."

The patient recovered well and was very satisfied with her results. Her response to Dr. Newen was, "Where do the stars go for their plastic surgery? They look so unnatural. Why don't they come to you?"