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A Menu Of Facelift Options For Women Of All Ages


4 facial rejuvenation options that can be achieved depending on how drastic and invasive of a procedure one may choose.

As the push for aesthetic procedures moves towards non-invasive with little to no downtime, previous facial rejuvenation results that were only available through surgical procedures can now be achieved without surgery. And at different age points, depending on how much work is required, less invasive and temporary fixes can mimic natural beautiful aging as opposed to a drastic overnight change. Today, Dr. Drew Ordon of The Doctors discusses the several options, from least invasive to most, that can return skin tone, texture and clarity to the face.

Four Facial Rejuvenation Options
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  1. Liquid Facelift: While fillers are generally used to treat fine lines and wrinkles, SculptraAesthetic has been approved for cosmetic use to restore fullness to the face. Injecting Sculptra in the cheek area can combat the loss of fullness in this area as we age.
    Downtime: None to little.

  2. Jaw Line Rejuvenation: A bit more invasive than the previous, the Jaw Line Rejuvenation requires the plastic surgeron to sculpt the jaw area to return definition to the chin and jaw line. Typically, some volume is added to the chin while liposuction is performed on the neck. As an added benefit, the fat removed from the neck can be used as a more permanent filler (vs. synthetic fillers) in the mid-face area.
    Downtime: Little.

  3. {!Mini Facelift: | mini facelift}By making small incisions near the ears, surgeons can create a vertical pull that smooths out facial skin. The "mini-lift" or "O-lift," as Dr. Ordon calls it, is less invasive than the traditional facelift and the incisions required for the procedure are smaller and can be hidden more easily.
    Downtime: A few days.

  4. {!Facelift: | facelift}The facelift is still the most invasive of these four options as it requires larger incisions and more reconstruction. Skin and muscle are pulled up and tightened through the incisions. The most invasive on this list, this procedure yields the most dramatic results in the jowl, neckline, and the nasolabial area.
    Downtime: Anywhere from 1 week to 10 days.