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The Beverly Hills Face Lift Is an Innovative, Scarless Technique


The no-scar facelift method provides great results and keeps your scar - and your cosmetic surgery secret - hidden away.

Every surgery leaves a scar, and facelift surgery is no exception. Though skilled surgeons are able to minimize scarring, why leave the scar visible at all if it can be avoided? The Beverly Hills Face Lift hides the scar completely so patients don't have to worry about anyone seeing their little secret.

face lift before and after photo
Actual results of Beverly Hills Face Lift

The dual board-certified surgeons at the Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery use a no-scar face lift technique technically known as post-tragal where the incision is made inside the ear, rather than in front of it. As Dr. Richard Fleming says, "If you can see a scar on a face lift patient, it will always be in front of the ear, but why make the incision out there, when you can make it inside the ear--behind the cartilage where nobody can ever see it?"

Dr. Fleming and his co-director at the Institute Dr. Toby Mayer use this method, which many physicians avoid because it takes longer, but patients generally prefer this scarless technique which still provides beautiful results. The highly innovative system was created to provide aesthetic harmony while eliminating the "plastic" or "surgical" appearance often seen. It also includes 1) a brow lift at the hair line, 2) muscle work beneath the skin, which makes the face lift last longer, and 3) a lifting of the "bands" of the neck.

For patients who want to avoid surgery altogether, there are many physicians who offer non-surgical facelifts using combinations of fractional resurfacing, injectables - like Botox or facial fillers - and skin tightening. While a non-surgical facelift won't provide as dramatic a result as the traditional procedure, it is a good option that can help patients put off surgery for a while.