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Vaser 2.0: New Advancements in Vaser Lipo Improves Fat Viability for Transfer Procedures


Fat cell viability is critical for the success of fat transfer procedures, and now an already effective body contouring device has been redesigned with transfer in mind.

Already one of the top names in lipolysis, Vaser Lipo has further refined its original system and is now, more than ever, ready to face the future of aesthetics. Vaser manufacturer Sound Surgical Technologies (SST), is preparing to announce the launch of the new Vaser Lipo system which maintains the reputation for safety and effectiveness of synonymous with the Vaser name, while also providing greater versatility.

The new Vaser System has been re-engineered and the ultrasonic energy has been tuned to effectively separate fat from connective tissues while preserving the viability of the cells for use in fat transfer. SST Chief Technology Officer Mark Schafer says, "The original VASER System was designed to provide patients with a safe and gentle liposuction experience with consistently predictable results. The highly selective nature of ultrasound energy that provides an improved patient experience, also promotes increased fat viability.... In the new VASER System, we've further streamlined and refined the process to make the technology ideal for fat transfer procedures, while also continuing to improve body sculpting efficiency."

fat transfer breast augmentation

Fat transfer procedures are growing in popularity as patients seek out procedures that offer more dramatic results with little downtime. Rather than using an unnatural implant, physicians are able to remove fat from an undesirable area and place it where the patient prefers more bulk, often the breasts or buttocks. Many physicians were already using Vaser for fat transfer, and Denver Vaser provider and board certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Broadway was recently quoted in the THE Aesthetic Guide saying, "Fat harvested mechanically has a clumpier, lumpier consistency, but fat harvested with Vaser has the consistency of a milkshake, which facilitates an even flow during re-injection.... This allows me to be more precise with my technique so I can sculpt more effectively."

One of the key benefits that physicians and patients reported after body sculpting with Vaser was significant skin tightening, so much that some patients have been able to avoid additional excess skin removal procedures such as tummy tuck. In a recent multi-center, clinical study, Vaser treatment demonstrated 53% improvement in skin retraction relative to standard liposuction. This is the first study to demonstrate statistically significant and clinically relevant improvements in a new body contouring technology compared to standard liposuction.