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Cellulite Reduction Products


Three at home treatments, but what does your aesthetic provider have to offer?

We all hate our cellulite. It affects the majority of women, more than 90% by some estimates because it is an equal opportunity condition, no matter your size, even skinny women get cellulite. Physicians believe that the reason women suffer from the unattractive 'lumpy' skin cellulite causes is that the connective tissue of the skin forms something like a net where the fat sits. As the fat cells become engorged, they push up and the connective tissue pushes down. Men's connective tissue is more tightly woven, which is why men rarely have cellulite.

cellulite reduction

Three new over the counter treatments for cellulite which include the Nutra Luxe Infrared Body Shaping Massager Lipo Reduction Set, which claims to diminish the look of cellulite, the Totally You Seaweed Body Wrap Kit, which claims to improve skin tone and help minimize cellulite's orange peel appearance on skin, and finally the Solidea MicroMassage Magic Pantie, a textured hosiery shaper, which claims to reduce and prevent cellulite while it tones the skin.

We wish the ladies luck, but there are several reliable treatments available from your aesthetic provider that will painlessly reduce the appearance of cellulite. Reaction by Viora uses radio frequency (RF) energy and vaccuum manipulation to diminish cellulite's effect. Another option is Velashape which uses similar techniques but with the addition of infrared light. The light and RF energies stimulate collagen growth so that the network under the skin is tighter and better controls the fatty layer.

Both treatments require several sessions to achieve optimal results and patients report the treatments are not only not painful, but are similar to a warm massage.