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Facelifts Come In All Shapes and Sizes for Men and Women of Any Age


Facelifts and other facial surgical procedures are being performed on younger patients as many realize that skin care alone can't clear up their wrinkles.

Traditionally, face lifts were the purview of older men and women experiencing relatively severe wrinkles. However, with the advent of mini lifts and other less invasive surgical procedures, men and women in their early 30's and 40's are embracing cosmetic surgery to stave off aging and reduce unwanted and unsightly wrinkles and lines. These mini lifts are considered less extreme and can produce both long lasting improvement and natural results, achieving a reduction in wrinkles without the appearance of having had drastic cosmetic surgery.

woman lifting up face

A number of factors contribute to early aging and premature wrinkles, including stress, heredity, sun exposure or health and beauty habits. People in their thirties and forties may be especially disheartened to see wrinkles developing at such a young age, especially if they feel helpless to stop it. As Dr. James Romanelli, a board certified plastic surgeon in Long Island points out, while "skin care is important in maintaining your results for the long term but for sagginess and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth caused by repeated muscle movement, it's just not enough."

Romanelli reports that patients who are faced with these difficult wrinkles recognize that "there's just no way a cream or topical treatment can get you the results of a genuine surgical face lift." As a result, more of these patients are seeking mini lifts and other focused procedures- such as eyelid lift surgery- than ever before.

Romanelli, who offers a range of face lift options, reports that these mini lifts or other targeted procedures may provide just the answer that the younger patients are looking for to address wrinkles. As he explains, "men and women in their 30s and early 40s are definitely concerned with wrinkles and fine lines, but they want a solution that provides a long lasting improvement while keeping the changes subtle and natural." A mini lift is a great answer as it can "create substantial change without going overboard," according to Romanelli.

Patients also hope to have shorter recovery times and great results. This combination of requests requires an experienced surgeon who can provide you with an array of surgical options. For example, for those who want to put off surgery or avoid a face lift all together; laser treatments, Botox and Chemical Peels may also provide a viable alternative to surgery.

While these tools and options can be effective, unfortunately there is no one right facial rejuvenation process for every patient. The decision on the type of procedure, and the appropriate age to undergo cosmetic improvements, is best left to the patient and surgeon. As Romanelli points out, "A talented and trustworthy surgeon has a much better chance of giving you the kind of rejuvenation you want."