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Plastic Surgery and the Economy


Dr. Nicholas Nikolov shares his thoughts about the economy and aesthetics.

Plastic surgery is a commonality in our society now as has an increasing desire for youth. In this economy, people are still getting procedures done, though perhaps differently than before. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Nicholas Nikolov of The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery recently spoke with the Beverly Hills Courier about his views on the economy and its effect on plastic surgery. Appearing young is no longer just about vanity, it's about getting or keeping employment.

People are having procedures like facelifts earlier in life rather than waiting until later. The result is a lift to the appearance without looking fake or having had 'work done.' Patients are also opting for less invasive procedures which require less downtime and have minimal scarring. Dr. Nikolov has perfected a procedure he calls the "Nick-Tuck" which is a facelift that can be done under local sedation for those patients who can't or won't go under general anesthesia.

Women are not going as big on their breast implants, rather they are opting for a more moderate, natural look. Large implants can often make a woman feel as though she looks fat whereas a smaller, more natural size can have a slimming effect.

Liposuction techniques have improved over the years and new laser lipo devices are better able to provide spot fat reduction while improving skin laxity. Further, these procedures have less downtime than the traditional liposuction and tummy tuck combo.

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