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Getting Rid Of Post-Baby Belly Fat Without Surgery


Vaser Shape, a non-surgical option to body contouring may help with reducing belly fat after having children.

There are many options available for body contouring - from surgery to minimally invasive to completely non-surgical. From the makers of VASER Lipo, the VASER Shape may offer patients a completely non-invasive option to contour the body and target spot fat.

vaser shape on the doctors
Patient Lost 1 1/2" in Abdomen in 1 Hour
Actual VASER Shape Results of Dr. Robert Troell

As seen on The Doctors, Vaser Shape uses ultrasound to externally break up fat cells within the treatment area. A great option for new moms who may have post-baby belly fat, VASER Shape can be completed in a short period of time without any downtime at all. Also ideal for patients who do not want to undergo a surgical procedure, the VASER Shape hand-piece is applied over the area that the patient wants to treat. The ultrasound emitted by the VASER Shape disrupts the outer layer of fat cells which are then expelled by the body's natural elimination processes.

Dr. Robert Troell, winner of the Best Non-Surgical Body Contouring Enhancement Award at THE Aesthetic Show this year for his VASER Shape results states, "This technology uses a one megahertz ultrasound device and massage hand piece to optimize the treatment of excess fatty areas, tighten loose skin, and even smooth out cellulite skin contour irregularities or irregularities caused by previous liposuction."
vaser shape before and after
Actual Before and After Results of Dr. Tahl Humes with VASER Shape

"We're seeing great results," says Denver Vaser Shape Provider Dr. Tahl Humes, "We are very impressed the results have exceeded our expectations. We're actually seeing a stomach circumferential decrease of about two inches after three treatments. We're currently recommending six treatments just because it's pretty new to market, but that's generally the most that a patient would need. The majority of our patients are returning to do additional areas because they are so pleased with their results."
vaser shape before and after
Actual Before and After Results of Dr. Tahl Humes with VASER Shape

Patients who are closer to their ideal body weight are better candidates for this procedure and it is important to stress that results will not as dramatic as those from liposuction or laser lipolysis. "VASER Shape is great for somebody who's had traditional liposuction and they have that bumpy appearance. Also, somebody who runs on a regular basis but still has that little bit of a belly or their thighs are just not where they want them to be," describes Dr. Humes, "It's not going to be for somebody who is trying to lose a lot of weight. It doesn't take the place of diet or exercise but VASER Shape is for that person who does exercise but does still have fat."

Some patients are seeing circumferential losses of up to 2 inches lost in one treatment, but these results are not typical. Reasonably, patients can expect to lose 3-4 inches over the full course of treatments.