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Lose Stomach Fat with VASER Shape (No Surgery!)


Patients are losing inches without losing time at work or play with this non-invasive fat reduction procedure.

There is a new technology available that's providing patients with immediate circumferential reduction of as much as 2 inches without any downtime or surgery. VASER Shape uses ultrasonic waves to destroy fat cells which are flushed out of the body naturally and provide patients with significant results in only one hour.

"What we're finding with the VASER Shape is an immediate reduction in the patient's abdomen. We have circumferential reduction in the abdomen girth of anywhere from 1 to 2 inches," says Dr. George Davis who offers VASER Shape in The Woodlands, TX. He purchased the new device for his office after extensively researching the other devices currently available for non-invasive fat reduction such as Zeltiq and Zerona. He says, "When this came out and I knew what could happen with it, I thought this was the best technology out there right now."

Actual results of VASER Shape with Dr. George Davis

The device works with two heads that each emit ultrasonic waves. The two beams are aimed at a V so that they meet under the skin in the fatty layer. When they meet, the waves are strong enough to destroy the fat cells. As Dr. Davis describes, "This technology is designed to destroy the fat from above the skin without any invasive technology. We use the ultrasound heads and they meet underneath the skin to liquefy the fat."

The liquefied fat is flushed out of the body naturally. Dr. Davis does recommend that patients drink a lot of water to help move the fat out of the body more efficiently. He also recommends lymphatic massage. "We start with a basic lymphatic message to help open the lymphoid. Then we do the procedure and follow up with a good lymphatic massage afterwards for about 5 minutes. That will help stimulate the lymphatic drainage of any of the dissolved fat cells and fat particles."

Patients can enjoy immediate reduction, and may return for more treatment sessions. While some have lost as much as 2 inches in the first session, these results aren't to be expected for everyone. Dr. Davis says that patients can reasonably plan to see 3-4 inch total reduction over the course of 4-5 weeks with continued treatments.

VASER Shape is not for those who have a lot of loose skin or are very overweight. Rather, as Dr. Davis says, "The ideal candidate is somebody who has a small area of fat to lose. We can treat the abdomen, arms, back of legs and more. It's somebody who's been trying to work off a smaller area and is having trouble doing so." It's not a replacement for liposuction or skin tightening procedures, but it is a viable option for patients who want to avoid surgery.

There are few risks involved with the procedure and following VASER Shape treatment, patients are able to return to work immediately. Most offices charge a per treatment cost of around $600-$900 depending on the area treated.