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Smartlipo on The Doctors tomorrow, Zeltiq For Spot Fat Reduction and AAD in New Orleans


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Smartlipo Body Contouring
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Smartlipo to be featured on The Doctors tomorrow!

The cast of The Doctors "tackles" beer bellies that may have formed during football season with the gold standard of laser lipo devices, Smartlipo. The laser melts the fat (which is then suctioned out) and in some cases, the laser actually encourages skin tightening from the heat delivered to the collagen under the skin. And while Super Bowl may be this weekend, signaling the end to football season - the after effects of a season of beer and chicken wings could also end as quickly with the Smartlipo procedure!

Zeltiq For Spot Fat Reduction

As much of the country is suffering from blizzards, extreme cold and snowstorms - there is one example that freezing may have a benefit: Zeltiq for spot fat reduction. Completely noninvasive, the procedure works through cryolipolysis - specifically freezing and crystallizing fat cells which then die and is expelled through the body's natural processes. And while this procedure does utilize extreme cold, we do not recommend you try this in your backyard this weekend!

American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Meets in New Orleans

As thousands of physicians meet in New Orleans to discuss what is new and upcoming in the field of aesthetics, American Health and Beauty will be on site interviewing leading physicians - getting an insiders' view to the aesthetics industry. Topics to be reviewed include aesthetic treatments such as facial fillers and the use of fractional lasers as well as many medical issues like skin cancer, vitiligo and alopecia.