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Newest Tickle Lipo System To Be Shown At 2011 AACS Meeting In Phoenix


Medical Alliance Services will be showing the most advanced iteration of Tickle Lipo at the annual American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) meeting in Phoenix, AZ on Jan 12-16, 2011.

Millenium Medical Technologies & Medical Alliance Services, a U.S. medical technology distribution and services company distributing TICKLE LIPO? (www.ticklelipo.com) will be exhibiting at the 27th Annual American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Scientific Meeting in Phoenix Jan. 12-16th. The event, titled "Beyond Skin Deep" is being held at the J.W. Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa.

Tickle Lipo Results
Tickle Lipo Before and After Results of Dr. Tim Zelko

Physicians are invited to visit booth #906 to discover the benefits of TICKLE LIPO and to see first hand the technology featured in the new SP6 model, an all-in-one unit. The fat collection system will also be shown.

TICKLE LIPO? also known as Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (NIL) was developed to improve patient safety and procedure outcomes. The process offers patients better results, faster procedures and higher satisfaction, according to physicians who have adopted the device. It's now one of the most talked-about liposuction procedures in the country and is receiving extensive media coverage, including a recent feature segment on the national T.V. show "The Doctors".

NIL is FDA cleared for the removal of soft tissue and fluid from the body during general surgical procedures including suction lipoplasty for aesthetic body contouring. TICKLE LIPO differs from the other methods of lipoplasty by utilizing cannulas activated by air pressure. This movement referred to as "nutation" removes fat more effectively than other techniques, respecting the non-fatty tissues. This allows precise body sculpting with less trauma (reduction of edema, bruising and discomfort). The fat is aspirated simultaneously during the nutation process with fewer cannula passes, shortening the procedure time.

The low frequency "non heat" INFRASONIC vibration allows for the removal of body fat while respecting the surrounding tissues, resulting in smooth contour and rapid recovery. The TICKLE LIPO process is a proven reliable system that safely allows for precise, high volume de-bulking in all body areas. The whirling "nutational" pattern offers notable benefits, especially in the areas of fibrosis (secondary liposuction, backs and in males).

Infrasonic vibration during infiltration and operative fat emulsification creates benefits understood as "The Gate Theory." This vibration interferes with the conduction of painful stimuli activation of nerves, which do not transmit pain signals. This allows physicians to perform liposuction under local or IV sedation with the potential of increased patient comfort. With TICKLE LIPO, recovery is faster and patients can be back to work in a day or two. In addition, the physician can collect the patient's fat, which is removed during liposuction for use as a long lasting, natural facial filler.

Dr. Tim Zelko of Chicago says, "Of all the office-based liposuction platforms I have used ... the Nutational Infrasonic Liposuction (NIL) platform is by far the safest ... NIL will take their liposuction results... to a whole new level..."

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Thomas Barnes of Newport Beach, CA comments: