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Tickle Lipo For Male Breast Reduction


Tickle Lipo may offer patients suffering from gynecomastia a more comfortable and quicker procedure to remove excess fat from the breast area.

Gynecomastia, popularly known as "man boobs" or "moobs" is a condition in which males have excessive breast tissue. Embarrassing to men who have them, male breast reduction is now available to treat gynecomastia. Typically not dangerous in a medical sense, men who have enlarged breasts are often ashamed of them and will refuse to take off their shirts, regardless of how warm it is.

GMA gynecomastia before after
Before and After of Male Breast Reduction
Image Courtesy of Good Morning America, abc.com

As seen on Good Morning America (GMA) and Nightline, patients with severe cases of gynecomastia now have less invasive options to reduce the appearance of excess breast tissue. This includes the new Nutational Infrasonic Liposuculpture (NIL) device known as Tickle Lipo. After it's namesake, the device actually produces a tickling sensation during the procedure.

According to GMA, gynecomastia causes existing male breast tissue to swell and actually produces female breast cells in men, causing the breast tissue to look feminine and fuller. It is estimated that up to 60% of males are affected with a ranging severity of gynecomastia. While the condition is fairly common during adolescence, these cases typically resolve themselves as males get older, leaving adolescence behind.

In a recent study released by MayoCinic.com, gynecomastia strikes when there is hormonal imbalance: naturally during adolescence or old age, exposure to steroids or estrogen, side effects from street drugs or certain cancer treatments. Typically, once the underlying condition is treated, gynecomastia symptoms also abate. However, for those whose symptoms do not go away, professional treatment may help.

Traditionally, male breast reduction is performed through liposuction to reduce the breast tissue or reconstruct the breast itself. A small incision is made by the nipple or armpit where the cannula is inserted to break up and remove excess fat. Any glandular tissue and excess skin is removed to reveal a more athletic pectoral appearance. New procedures may combine liposuction with a laser treatment to smooth out the skin.

Tickle Lipo may offer gynecomastia patients less invasive option that is may be more comfortable and faster to address the excess fat in their breasts. The cannula is activated by air pressure, causing a whirling movement from infrasonic and vibration, breaking fat away and suctioning it out simultaneously. Physicians have reported Tickle Lipo may be completed faster due to this combination.

"Tickle Lipo allows me to remove more fat in less time and to simultaneously tighten the skin," says Newport Beach Tickle Lipo provider, Dr. Thomas Barnes. With this liposuction alternative, recovery may be faster and patients can be back to work in just a day or two.

According to the manufacturer, Tickle Lipo offers faster and more comfortable infiltration while causing less trauma to the surrounding tissue, meaning less downtime and quicker recovery. Unlike liposuction, Tickle Lipo provides non-thermal tissue tightening which is optimal in male breast reduction surgeries to address any excess skin or tissue after the fat is removed. Tickle Lipo is performed under local anesthesia so patients do not have to be put under, lessening the overall cost of the procedure and significantly cutting back downtime.