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Can You Laugh Away Your Belly Fat with Tickle Lipo?


Dr. Sandra Lee is a guest on The Doctors discussing Tickle Lipo, one of the newest advancements in body sculpting technology

Tickle Lipo is known as Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture because of the movement the cannula makes during the procedure. It works to dislodge the fat cells so that they can be more easily aspirated. One of the benefits of Tickle Lipo is the option of performing it without the use of general anesthesia. Some patients opt to be awake for the procedure and have only local anesthesia. Many say that the sensation is like being tickled, hence the name for the procedure. On today's episode of The Doctors, Dr. Sandra Lee performs this procedure and has a patient who'll be revealing her results on the show.

Tickle Lipo Model
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"I'm just so excited about TickleLipo," says Dr. Tess Mauricio who performs Tickle Lipo in San Diego. "I'm really pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to perform and how happy the patients are. Areas that were very difficult to treat with liposculpture such as the arms and the thighs are made so much better with the Tickle Lipo." Dr. Mauricio describes that the device removes fat cells in a three dimensional way. With traditional liposuction, the cannula would move in a linear manner, making it difficult to remove a three dimensional amount of volume. That is much easier with the TickleLipo. "It's a lot smoother and it's a lot easier to shape so I'm a lot more confident when I talk to my patients. I can assure them that we're going to get really smooth results. It's the key to creating a great lipo result," says Dr. Mauricio.

Dr. Mauricio has found that she actually gets a nice amount of skin tightening from Tickle Lipo, a benefit often attributed to other liposuction devices because they heat the skin and stimulate collagen growth. "I'm finding that even when removing about 4 liters of fat from the abdomen - about 8 pounds of fat - without doing a tummy tuck procedure, and without taking away any skin, we're seeing significant tightening." She believes that this effect is because the procedure is more gentle and the connective tissues are better preserved.