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Tickle Lipo: Removes Body Fat and Allows Fast Healing


Patients who are looking for another option in liposuction may enjoy the ease and simple recovery of Tickle Lipo.

As liposuction technologies have developed, there's been a lot of focus on devices or methods of breaking up fat before it's removed in an effort to better preserve other underlying structures. There are lasers and ultrasonic devices, as well as radio frequency and even pressurized water. One device is set apart from these others because rather than risking thermal injury and taking nearly twice as long as traditional liposuction, it uses three dimensions of movement to break up fat as it's aspirated out.

Tickle Lipo is known as Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture because of the movement the cannula makes during the procedure. It works to dislodge the fat cells so that they can be more easily aspirated. Chicago Tickle Lipo provider Dr. Timothy Zelko made the switch from laser technologies to Tickle Lipo because he was looking for a way to get great results and avoid the concerns of thermal injury associated with lasers. He also liked that there isn't much change in the results from the end of the procedure until healing is complete. "With the Tickle Lipo, what you leave behind is relatively healthy and viable tissue. So what you see at the time of the procedure isn't going to change much."

Tickle Lipo Before After Photos
Joyce's Actual Tickle Lipo Results of Dr. Tim Zelko
Post Treatment: 3 Weeks

Featured today on The Doctors, Dr. Sandra Lee also performs this procedure and has a patient who'll be revealing her results on the show. Dr. Zelko's patients like the ease of the procedure, and we spoke to one patient, Joyce, who explained why she chose Tickle Lipo. "After having a hysterectomy about 7 years ago, I didn't like how my stomach and my abdomen underneath looked and felt. I needed a lift so that's really what brought me talking to Dr. Zelko. As of today it's been three weeks and I'm very very happy with my results."
Tickle Lipo Before After Results
Joyce's Actual Tickle Lipo Results of Dr. Tim Zelko
Post Treatment: 3 Weeks

One of the benefits of Tickle Lipo is the option of performing it without the use of general anesthesia. Some patients opt to be awake for the procedure and have only local anesthesia. Many say that the sensation is like being tickled, hence the name for the procedure. Joyce says that there was no pain following the procedure, but just some bruising which still went away pretty quickly. She rested for a day and relaxed then was back to her normal activities in just a couple of days.

Joyce had her upper and lower stomach, hips, love handles and lower back treated with Tickle Lipo and is already enjoying her results. "I started wearing clothes that I feel more comfortable in. I'm not wearing baggy sweat shirts and the old baggy jeans."