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Levia: At Home Light Therapy for Psoriasis & Eczema on "The Doctors"

The Doctors TV Show is airing a segment today, December 7 on a new at-home device called Levia for treating Psoriasis and Eczema with a special light therapy. Dr Sonia Batra, a Santa Monica Dermatologist, demonstrates the Levia and explains that using it every day or every other day will show improvements in as little as two weeks. An audience member states that after 3 months of using Levia she was completely clear and free from Psoriasis! Home Psoriasis Treatment

Did Jillian Michaels Get Breast Implants?

Out of the blue we began receiving significant traffic today from people asking this very question about Jillian Michaels and Breast Augmentation. American Health and Beauty is rarely the type of site to relay this type of gossip. We have read where some suspect it, but our doctors are too busy to sit around all day hypothesizing.

What is the Best Solution to Tighten Skin?

This is always a controversial topic. We suggest you consult with several physicians and examine their before and after galleries closely. What a physician feels is a great bargain for $5,000 might not meet your expectations. It is important to understand that up front! You can usually cut through the technology hype by talking to at a couple doctors.

You're Only 17 Days Away from Better Health with the 17 Day Diet

The 17 Day Diet, developed by Dr. Mike Moreno, is a weight loss plan designed to help participants lose weight and keep it off. Featured today on The Doctors, the diet uses 17 day increments so that participants are able to see early results and then are eased into a simple to maintain eating plan.

Elizabeth Edwards Died of Breast Cancer

Special condolences to Elizabeth Edwards who died Tuesday after a lengthy battle with breast cancer. Elizabeth is the estranged wife of former North Carolina senator and presidential candidate John Edwards,

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