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Vein Gogh Procedure Offers Facial Spider Vein Treatment


Spider veins can appear anywhere, even the face. The Vein Gogh procedure eliminates those veins giving you better looking skin in just minutes.

Many people associate spider veins with the legs, but they can actually occur anywhere on the body. One commonly affected area is the face, and the red lines can be very difficult to cover with makeup. Now, aesthetic physicians have a new option that uses heat to eliminate the veins in just minutes.

Known as the Vein Gogh treatment, Dr. Drew Ordon of The Doctors demonstrated this procedure in front of a live audience on the show. A very fine needle point is placed just under the skin and an electric pulse cauterizes the vein, causing the blood to coagulate and the vein to disappear. Dr. Ordon points out that the treatment can be performed anywhere on the body, not just the face.

The patient treated live on the show reported feeling no pain and the results were immediately visible. Dr. Ordon says that most patients typically only need one treatment and are able to return to normal activity right away. The treatment provides an alternative to other currently offered laser and injectable procedures.

vein gogh before and after
Actual results featured on The Doctors

Sclerotherapy is an injectable treatment typically used for larger varicose veins where chemicals are injected into the veins, damaging the cellular lining of the walls and causing the vein to collapse. Asclera is a new sclerotherapy medicine that is approved to treat spider veins and is gaining popularity. The Veinwave procedure, on the other hand, uses an ultrasonic pulse to coagulate the blood, heating and eliminating the vein.