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New Spider Vein Treatments


Now there is a vein laser and a new injectable that are both FDA approved for treating spider veins.

If you're embarrassed by your unsightly spider veins you'll be happy to hear that your physician has several treatment options available. Recently featured on The Doctors Asclera and Veinwave are the latest in spider vein therapies.

spider vein treatment on the doctors
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Asclera is an injectable sclerotherapy medicine from Merz Aesthetics. It received FDA approval in March of this year for the treatment of uncomplicated spider and reticular veins in the lower extremities, but has not been studied in larger varicose veins. Asclera damages the lining of the blood vessels, causing them to close and eventually disappear. The physician uses a very fine needle to inject the medicine directly into the spider veins, and treatment is much more comfortable than traditional saline sclerotherapy injections. Multiple sessions are typically required and results are seen in a few weeks.

Another option for patients uses a laser to zap the veins away. Veinwave(TM), is a safe and virtually pain free method that uses an ultrasonic pulse to coagulate the spider veins, which disappear almost immediately. The doctor inserts a tiny needle just below the skin, near the vein and sends the pulse, heating and eradicating the vein, typically in one treatment. It's common for some patients to see some mild redness at the treatment site which usually goes away after a couple of days. According to the Veinwave website, after a few days some small marks may appear in the treated area which will disappear on their own.

While the treated spider veins won't return, it is possible to see new veins develop over time. Wearing compression hose, getting regular exercise and elevating your feet are a few ways to help prevent spider veins from forming.