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Laser Treatments To Eradicate Spider Veins


New treatments freeing women of unsightly veins on their legs: the Cynergy laser from Cynosure.

Cynergy Laser Treatment Spider Veins
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They say with age comes wisdom - what is left unspoken is with age, also comes wrinkles and spider veins. It is estimated that over 50% of women will suffer from varicose veins or spider veins by the time they're 50. While unsightly, these veins are not dangerous to your health but may cause a damper when you want to put on shorts. In fact, many women are so embarrassed by these veins, they refuse to be seen in shorts or a bathing suit. Well, now you can have your wisdom and spider-vein-free legs too!

Recent advents in technology have born new treatments for spider veins, one of which was recently discussed on The Dr. Oz Show, the Cynergy Vascular Workstation from Cynosure. This laser offers MultiPlex technology, which treats several vascular and pigmented lesions but has shown great promise in erasing spider veins. Renowned New York dermatologist, Dr. Bruce Katz, performed the procedure live with a patient on The Dr. Oz Show to demonstrate it's ease and speed.

By using two distinct wavelengths, light from the laser is absorbed by the blood in the vein. The blood then coagulates causing the vein to disappear. The laser treatment tingles slightly and is not painful. Depending on the severity of the spider veins on the patient, amount of treatments may vary anywhere from 2-3 sessions. Effect is immediate with little to no side effects.

Other recent spider vein treatments to hit the market include a new sclerosing solution called Asclera. Recently approved by the FDA, Asclera, unlike previous solutions, is completely pain-free.

With these new options in mind, ladies, keep your wisdom and throw back on that bathing suit... and don't worry about being "vein"!