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World Congress on Liposuction Surgery at the Forefront of Lipo Education


This upcoming meeting provides an exchange of unbiased information for specialists and physicians who are interested in performing liposuction.

Physicians from across the globe will gather in Washington DC next month for The World Congress on Liposuction Surgery (WCLS). This meeting is presented by the American Society of Lipo-Suction Surgery (ASLSS) supported by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS), and is held from October 1-3. This educational gathering will feature discussions of the latest techniques and technologies in liposuction and methods of ensuring patient safety. Physicians will also have the chance to enhance their liposuction skills by working with other industry experts. Exciting topics will feature the latest in fat grafting, laser lipolysis, body contouring, and advanced technologies that are on the horizon for liposuction.

world congress on lipo
Ann Arbor cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Burke is a part of the communications department at the WCLS and he says that the congress is a great open forum for physicians to learn about the lipo specialty. "This congress is intended to present the latest techniques, and to review some of the proven standard techniques in safety in liposuction surgery. It's really open to everybody including all physicians and their auxiliary personnel."

The meeting will not only cover surgical lipo procedures, but also the latest in non-surgical fat reduction technology such as Zerona and Zeltiq both receiving FDA approval in the past two weeks. The goal of the congress is to be very scientific in nature, focusing on the advancement of liposuction in general.

In order to ensure unbiased discussion, physicians will have to disclose any financial relationships that may influence their data. As Dr. Burke describes, "The presentations are vetted to make sure that they are not biased toward one manufacturer or another. There is disclosure of someone using an off-label technique and there's also peer review here. The abstract and outlines of presentations have been reviewed."

Dr. Burke says that doctors and staff who are doing liposuction will benefit from attending this conference, as well as those who are interested in performing the procedure. "This is a great meeting for anybody who's doing cosmetic surgery, whether they're doing lipo sculpture or not. It's also beneficial for their auxiliary personnel, their nurses, their physician assistants, their surgical tech, maybe even their anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist. Doctors and staff will enjoy the meeting even if they're not currently performing liposuction but they're very interested, and this gives them a good chance to see the state of the art of lipo."

Watch Dr. Robert Burke speak about the World Congress on Liposuction Surgery below: