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Combining Aesthetic Treatments Leads to Improved Results


Patients can enjoy greater results when they seek out physicians with multiple devices and treatment options available.

In aesthetics, one condition is rarely the only condition. Most patients who want to have their sun spots treated also want their wrinkles resolved, and those who want to treat their cellulite also want circumferential reduction. Combining treatments is a great way to treat multiple issues, and can also be effective at reaching a better resolution for a single issue, such as scars.

"What we do is we have our patients - after they've had laser lipo, come in for the SmoothShapes," says Dr. Bruce Katz of Juva Dermatology in New York. He uses the SmoothShapes device for cellulite reduction and likes to use it along with laser lipo procedures to really offer a better result, and improve healing from the laser lipo. "Their cellulite improves, they have faster healing, less bruising and swelling, so I think that's where the benefits are. I don't think it really contributes to the skin tightening by itself but I think it really allows the cellulite to get better and the faster healing time from the laser liposuction."

Dr. David Verebelyi, an aesthetic laser expert in Denver, CO uses a combination of therapies to treat scars. "Since the fractionated lasers have come out we have actually been really pushing those devices to see where we can get with burn scars, acne scars, traumatic scars, surgical scars - pretty much all of them."

scar treatment
Post 4 Treatments of Pulsed Dye Laser and Kenalog/5-FU Injections

Dr. Verebelyi says that he not only combines devices but also combines with medications. "We treat them all a little bit differently. Before, our only tool for treating scars was injection of Kenalog with steroids, pulsed dye laser and then maybe resurfacing with a full CO2. Now we can get that tissue to really remodel at a much deeper level by using some of the fractionated lasers. Right now were optimizing those treatments looking at everything from high density pulses and high fluency pulses trying to get the best bang for the buck with those."

Patients can enjoy greater results when they seek out a physician who has multiple devices and options available to build the best course of treatment.