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Celebrities Speak Out Against Cosmetic Surgery


Good Morning America reported this morning that some of the most famous Hollywood cosmetic surgery veterans say they regret going under the knife.

Some of the most famous faces in Hollywood are speaking out against cosmetic surgery procedures, saying they regret the work they had done. Lisa Rinna, Dana Delaney, Kim Kardashian, Linda Evans, and Heidi Montag have all said that they wish they hadn't gotten work done, or at least not as drastic as their results turned out. In a special on Good Morning America this morning, it was reported that the regret doesn't stop in Hollywood, but that many women regret having surgery.

heidi montag

Lisa Rinna is famous for her full lips which she had augmented over 20 years ago with collagen injections, but recently had them reduced because she says she didn't want to be known for her lips. Us Weekly Beauty Director Gwen Flamberg told GMA, "Plastic surgery has become an addiction in Hollywood. Women are going overboard with breast implants and lip implants and they don't look like themselves, they don't look normal, they don't look natural."

Dana Delaney and Kim Kardashian both had Botox and weren't happy with the results. Delaney says that 7 years ago, her injection resulted in a hematoma which deadened a nerve in her forehead that has since caused her right eye to droop. Kardashian appeared to have a mild allergic reaction to the injection, as seen on the E! show Keeping Up With the Kardashans.

Heidi Montag says she wishes she hadn't gotten the DDD breast implants that she did and wants to size down to a D or DD. She underwent 10 procedures in one day and was accused of being addicted to plastic surgery. Linda Evans has said that she regrets her facelift but recently told Oprah that she feels as though having cosmetic surgery was a choice that she made for herself.