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Choosing the Right Doctor - Tip 2: Make Sure They Have Experience


Many doctors now offer in-office body contouring procedures. Follow these tips to choose the best one.

Many physicians and aesthetic practices are offering minimally invasive treatments like SmartLipo, or completely non-surgical procedures like Zeltiq and Zerona These procedures seem to offer the ideal solution - a real way to reduce fat without going through the extensive recovery period of surgery. However, before you go to just any doctor for these treatments, there are a few things you should look for.

choosing a cosmetic surgeon

Dr. W. Jason Martin, a board certified plastic surgeon in Denver, offers these non-invasive procedures that can be performed in the doctor's office and says that they do offer several advantages for the patient. Confidentiality and comfort are improved as well as the chance to have several procedures done in one place. Financially, there is also a benefit as patients don't have the added expense of anesthesia and the operating facility.

When choosing a surgeon, Dr. Martin offers advice to potential patients. "I think that for a patient you need to first find a doctor that's board certified and specifically, hopefully somebody that does surgery." He says that you also need to choose someone who has experience with these devices specifically. It's also good to pick a physician with multiple devices at their disposal so they can choose the best one for you specifically. "The best devices for body contouring right now are SmartLipo and Vaser. Right now the best case scenario is a doctor who uses both of those because the physician can pick and choose a device to treat different areas."

Before you make a decision regarding an aesthetic physician, research the doctor and ask questions about which devices they are trained to use. Get details on their experience and ask to see before and after photos. Information is your best friend when making these decisions.

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