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Choosing the Right Doctor - Tip 1: Make Sure They Have Many Tools


Making sure the physician has several options available for your treatment is important when choosing a doctor.

The choice of a physician is very important and personal, but whether deciding on a family doctor or a dermatologist, training is always the most important consideration. You want to make sure to choose a doctor who is well trained and has the tools available to offer your personal best course of treatment.

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Dr. Lori Brightman is a board certified dermatologist from the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York, and she says that when looking for a doctor to provide laser skin procedures, it's important to choose a doctor that has several lasers at their disposal. "It is really best to go to a physician who has multiple devices and who is well skilled in the laser field," she says. Dr. Brightman points out that physicians with only one laser may not have precisely the equipment needed for a specific problem.

She describes how patients come to her office and say that they've had a procedure done but didn't get the results they were hoping for. Often, Dr. Brightman says that the procedure may not have been performed correctly or it wasn't the right procedure for that patient. There needs to be a shift towards an environment where patients can see a physician and get information, and even be referred to another office or practice that is better equipped to meet the patient's needs.

Patients can still go to laser centers in certain cases, but Dr. Brightman does advise that patients do their homework. "You can certainly go to a laser center where you know that the physician has a long standing history of working with lasers. Look at their website. Look at their before and after photos. Feel comfortable with who you're going to. Have your consultation, and if you're still not sure, get a second consultation."

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