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Beauty Tech Review: Laser Hair Removal - Elite MPX


This laser from Cynosure offers a fast, multi-wavelength laser hair removal treatment with integrated cooling, making it very comfortable.

Removing unwanted hair can be a very tedious process that must be repeated regularly. Shaving can cause razor burn and cuts, creams smell and many people with sensitive skin can't use them, and waxing and plucking hurt. Laser hair removal is a great solution for many people to permanently reduce their hair and free up their time all at once. Cynosure's Elite MPX laser hair removal device takes care of your excess hair and keeps you comfortable.

Dr. Eric Bernstein uses the MPX in his office. "The new features of the Elite MPX - first of all, it has an integrated Zimmer cooler which is very unique; I've never seen a device that has an integrated Zimmer," says Dr. Bernstein. "It's very high powered. Cooling is critical to the comfort of laser hair removal as well as critical to the effectiveness. It's a seamless integration so when you turn on the laser the healing starts automatically."

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The Elite MPX uses two wavelengths to treat all skin types. As Dr. Bernstein describes, "It seems to switch from 755nm to 1064 so you can treat my skin type - no pigment at all ? all the way down to the darker skin types with the 1064. One of the most unique features of the Elite MPX is that you can multiplex for pulse wave lengths one after the other." The multiplex quality of the device opens it up to do more than just remove hair. "Think of it as utility possibly for treating leg veins. I see it as potential utility for treating people, for example, if you're treating with the 1064 YAG laser and [the patient isn't] completely responding the way we want, you can add in very small amounts of the Alexandrite laser and get effectiveness where otherwise you couldn't, and that is a feature that is completely unique to this laser. It's so new that I haven't yet figured out all of the uses for it."

Another benefit of the Elite MPX is the ability to treat skin types ranging from very pale to very dark. "Well you could treat all skin types. Any laser that's got 1064 and 755 nm gives you the ability to treat all skin types." The hair, however, does need to have some color to it in order for the laser to work. "To be treated with laser hair removal, the hair has to have some pigment. White or blonde hair does not respond to any laser, but white or blonde hair is usually not such a problem for people cosmetically."

Dr. Bernstein also says that there is a built in cooling which helps make the procedure more comfortable. "You have a special high powered integrated Zimmer cooling that helps reduce pain. Because pain is all about heat, it's the cooling that's one of the biggest factors to reduce pain. So what was interesting to me about it is it's automatic that it seems to be integrated."

As with other laser hair removal treatments, sun exposure is a concern. "Generally, I tell my patients not to be tan when they come in. If you're tan all the time I tell people 'If you're going to get tan, let me treat you first and then go out in the sun,' because the sun is a little bit the enemy of laser treatments." The Elite MPX treats in only about 5-10 minutes for underarms, 10-15 for bikini, and legs can take about an hour. "Imagine not having to shave your legs ever.... It's a huge time saver."

Dr. Eric Bernstein
Dr. Eric Bernstein
Dr. Eric Bernstein is Director of Laser Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology Centers, and a Clincal Associate Professor of Dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania. He is widely regarded as one of the world's leading experts on laser medicine and surgery and has more than 20 issued and pending patents for laser technology, both within the U.S. and worldwide. Dr. Bernstein was integral in developing many of the protocols for lasers in use throughout the world and he often is among the very first in the world to utilize new laser applications for patient treatment.

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